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Practiced for thousands of years, Acupuncture, a traditional Asian medicine, is the fastest growing alternative therapy in America today. With numerous referrals from local western medical professionals, Richard Bishop, L.Ac. skillfully relieves patient's chronic pain, immune system deficiencies and digestive disorders as well as many other health related issues. Insurance companies recognize the efficacy of Acupuncture by extending coverage for this comprehensive health system. Patients report not only relief of symptoms but enhanced overall health following a course of treatment with Richard.
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Acupuncture Services

Richard Specializes In

  • Pain Management

    Pain Management and Muscle Spasm relief
    One of the primary and most effective uses for Acupuncture in Western and Eastern Medicine.

  • Stress Free

    Melt away stress and worries with this deeply relaxing form of Acupuncture. The treatment will refresh mind and body.

Custom Acupuncture ServicesMost California Insurance Companies now cover Acupuncture.